Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Big Farfur Tells the Truth To The Kids Who Cant be Fooled

Hiyam Noir

Does the Zionist - Walt Disney - Turn Around In His Cold Dark Grave Now?

"World Zionism today, constitutes the last racist ideology - still surviving in the Zionist's state of "Israel", it is the last outpost of "apartheid". Israel constitutes by its mere existence - a complete defiance to all international laws, rules and principles, and the open racism manifested in the Jewish State - is a violation of all ethics and morals known to Man kind.

The Zionists consider themselves to have the sovereign rights to oppress and vilify other people. - having had an enormous monopoly over the information services in the West.The Zionist have always manipulated their way to advantage - in promoting their version of the conquest of Palestine, and their wars against neighbouring Arab states, and the tales – the "history" of the Jewish people, especially concerning the WW2 - and the so-called "holocaust".

Zionist strategy in the media - are in the hands of the advocates of International Zionism and the promoters of Jewish racism - they have become one of the most efficient weapons in the Israeli armory- even more effective than the threat of the hundreds of nuclear warheads that Israel possesses – and promote - in the name of security.

Anti-Arab and anti-Muslim racism, and hatred against everything that is German - have been the main points of the defamation-campaigns - in Zionist-controlled medias against those who they considered to be the enemies ( critics ) - of Jews and Zionist nationalism.This fact together with the influential Jewish organizations working in all Western states - mapping off and spying on the anti-Zionist resistance and buying our politicians to the Zionist cause, constitutes the fundamentals of Zionist policies."

© 2007 Hiyam Noir

From Palestine Free Voice


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