Tuesday, May 15, 2007

GAZA: Global Anti Zionist Action

Confrontation as Hebrew University Arab Students Mark 'Nakba

Arab students chanted pan-Arab and anti-Israel
slogans, including the Palestinian Authority anthem
Biladi, "Palestine is Arab" and chants linking Beirut,
and Jenin. The Arab demonstrators also denigrated

as a "police state," and called for "national
unity" over the "Syrian Golan Heights," terrorist
prisoners in Israeli jails and what they called "the
right of return" for Arab refugees currently outside
. As police reinforced their presence, the Arab
demonstrators flashed the "V for Victory" hand gesture
and concluded with chants of "Here Palestine was lost
and here we will regain it.


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Nadeem Kasmani said...

Bitter truth for the Muslims and Palestinians. Its time for Muslims to forget divisions such as shia and sunni and become one. The Muslim world has to wake up. The Zionist should be slaughtered.