Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Palestinian women martyrdom seekers

Brigades of Palestinian women martyrdom seekers declare existence

The Al-Quds brigades, the main military wing of the Islamic Jihad movement declared Sunday they had prepared dozens of female bombers to defend the Palestinian people if the Zionist occupation army invaded the Gaza Strip.

A commander of the the Al-Quds Brigades warned the regime against committing any foolish acts against Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

"The enemy's threat to act in the Strip will not be fruitful and their goals will not be achieved. The Palestinian resistance's factions are at high alert to handle a Zionist attack in the Strip," the statement said.

The brigades also released a video clip in which a high-ranking Jihad official said that Al-Quds brigades prepared dozens of female bombers who were eager to blow themselves up along with Zionist occupation infantry troops if they was to enter and operate in the Gaza Strip.

One of the women in the clip said that she would like to be the first to carry out a martyrdom operation on behalf of the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation.

She said that she felt envy with the bombers who "received Allah's help in fulfilling successful missions, and we wish to follow in their footsteps. The enemy will be defeated if it invades the Strip."