Saturday, October 6, 2007

Party for Palestine

A night of live music, dj's and plenty of dancing to raise funds for Palestinian women's groups and international activist legal fees.

The Plough, Kilburn Street, Easton
8pm til real late
£4/£3 donation on the door


Scena Sajjad said...

Gret Son of Gret Arab Mother

gaza said...

God is with you Gaza
God bless you Gaza
the Victory is coming soon, En sha allah .. You have our hearts GAZA ,

Khawla said...

God help Gaza against the Zionist terrorists.

Nadeem Kasmani said...

Bitter truth for the Muslims and Palestinians. Its time for Muslims to forget divisions such as shia and sunni and become one. The Muslim world has to wake up. The Zionist should be slaughtered.

Nadeem Kasmani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
אלי חזן said...

israel left gaza and gaza residents vote for the hams.
no, did the hamas treat the gaza for economy? no!
they only care for sending kasam and grad missile to israel citizen !
israel close the barriers onley after the hamas use the open barriers to send

terrorist attack to israel.
the hamas use gaza citizen as a barriers thay steal all the humanitarian supply that

israel alow to send, hamas don't care abot the gaza citizen they attaks Israeli

soldiers from school and citizen concentration.
the hamas murderer fatah people. the hamas don't want peace.

bishop22 said...

bitter days will be over soon.. we all are with instant loans you...keep struggling..GOD will help you out

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Praksono Suboyo said...

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يوسف الكتري said...

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shakil ahmed said...

The missiles you have fired into Israel is boomeranging on you. Take care!